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Mobility Options & Future Factors

Transportation Options

As growing and diverse region, the National Capital Region needs a transportation system that provides a wide range of ways to get around. Through TPB and its long-range transportation plan, transportation agencies in the region are working together to provide more convenient and affordable transportation options so that each person can choose what works best for them.


Walking and bicycling are growing in popularity across the region, as the quality of life, public health, financial savings, and environmental benefits of non-motorized travel become increasingly apparent and as the network is built out.

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Future Factors

As TPB and its partners take strides to meet regional goals and address priorities, we must consider a range of factors when planning for the future. We call these topics, Future Factors. The TPB weighs these emerging and significant challenges in planning for the update to Visualize 2045, in addition to Federal Planning Factors.

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