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Visualize 2050 moves forward to next step in plan development


On May 15, the Transportation Planning Board made a key decision in the development of Visualize 2050, the next National Capital Region Transportation Plan (NCRTP), and the FY 2026-2029 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), by approving the scope of work and project inputs for the Air Quality Conformity Analysis. Before the vote, the board opted to remove one project, I-495 Southside Express Lanes, from the list of project inputs agreeing to discuss further its inclusion during the June 20 TPB meeting. All major transportation projects must be included in Visualize 2050 to receive federal funding and approvals.

The board’s action comes after two public comment periods and an extensive review conducted by TPB member agencies, including the District of Columbia DOT, Maryland DOT, and Virginia DOT. TPB staff will now begin the air quality conformity analysis to ensure the projects collectively contribute to the air quality improvement goals of the region. The analysis takes approximately ten months to complete. Read more.


Thank you for participating in the March 2024 Public Comment Period!


The March 2024 Visualize 2050 comment period closed on March 30. Thank you to all who provided comments on individual projects and the overall plan. The next formal public comment period will take place in April 2025.

Read the comment summary.

A presentation of comments received during the March comment period is available on the April 17 TPB Board meeting page (Item 9B). For audio of the Visualize 2050 overview and discussion, click on the April 17 livestream starting at the 1:28:15 mark.

Next Steps: TPB staff have shared a summary of all comments received in March 2024 with TPB members. The TPB will review and consider the public’s input prior to voting on the proposed projects in May. To stay up to date on Visualize 2050 news and announcements, subscribe to the TPB News and Visualize 2050 mailing list.

March 2024 Visualize 2050 Support Materials


The following support materials were prepared and made available for the March 2024 public comment period.

Air Quality and Project Materials
Documents that support the March comment period include the air quality conformity scope of work, air quality input tables, and project descriptions. Click the link below to access these materials on the COG website.

Learn more and view the documents.

State Response Letters
The following letters from the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia summarize the states’ responses to a summary of public comments that the TPB received in 2023. These comments focused on the roadway and transit projects in TPB’s Visualize 2045 plan that were reviewed by the TPB member agencies for re-submission to Visualize 2050.

District of Columbia DOT letter

Maryland DOT letter

Virginia DOT letter


Visualize 2050: Preparing for the Future


Even before the Visualize 2045 plan was completed in June 2022, the Transportation Planning Board was already thinking about the development of the next National Capital Regional Plan, Visualize 2050

On June 16, 2021, the TPB resolved the development of Visualize 2050 will consider multiple build scenarios and how those scenarios impact the region’s adopted goals and targets, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and that all projects must be resubmitted for consideration with the exception of projects already substantially underway. 

The TPB initiated work on Visualize 2050 immediately following approval of the Visualize 2045 plan, and plan development follows the TPB’s approved schedule with an adoption date of June 2025. Learn more.

Visualize 2050 boasts a robust multimodal transportation system that serves people traveling through the region on roads, rails, and by air. Within the region, an intricate integrated network serves motorists, transit riders, walkers, bikers, and other travelers. The region is a very active place that supports many government and private employers, is home to millions of people, and hosts millions of visitors each year.

Already a year underway, Visualize 2050 will document the region’s plan to improve people’s travel experiences through the year 2050. You are invited to learn more, get involved, and help make our region better!

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