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Walking / Biking

Travel options such as walking and bicycling are growing in popularity across the region, as the quality-of-life, public health, financial savings, and environmental benefits become increasingly apparent and as more sidewalk, bike lanes and trails are built. Every day, local jurisdictions throughout the region are building new bike lanes, sidewalks, and shared-use paths, re-engineering intersections, and adopting new policies to make bicycling and walking safer and more attractive for more people.

Increasingly, the region has seen an increase in micromobility. ‘Micromobiltiy’ refers to an array of small, lightweight vehicles that are often accessed through sharing programs. These options include shared bicycles and e-bikes, electric scooters. These vehicles can replace other types of short trips and can help to connect people from neighborhoods to transit or activity centers quickly, helping to solve the ‘last mile’ challenge.

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